Cogeneration unit

We installed a container CHP unit KE - MTUNG 1000 in the premises of the malting plant in Tábor. It was commissioned in 2019

The CHP unit provides energy for preheating air to dry the malt. It generates electrical power of 999 kWe, and thermal power of 1,020 kWt. The CHP is powered by natural gas and is connected to the grid and works in parallel operation. 

The site is situated in the South Bohemian Region 50 km north of České Budějovice and 75 km south of Prague.

With our installation, the client achieved significant savings on electricity and heat costs. This is one of the most efficient ways to produce heat and electricity. By locating production directly in the consumption facility, distribution losses are eliminated and, together with high efficiency, they guarantee favourable energy prices.


Output (MW)


Heat Output (MW)





Zlín - Cogeneration unit

Cogeneration unit

Zlín - Cogeneration unit

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Cogeneration unit